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National High-Tech Enterprise Over the years, we have reached industry-university-research cooperation with many colleges and units, and formed a team of senior experts. There are currently 6 national authorized invention patents, 12 enterprise standards for record, and an independent R&D laboratory with continuous R&D and innovation capabilities.
In 2017, Muqi Science and Technology entered the database of science and technology small and medium enterprises of the Ministry of Science and Technology
In 2019, it was funded by Zibo High-level Talent Project
2020 Muqi Technology was approved as a national high-tech enterprise
Core technologies
01 Physical washing technology
Improve the decontamination and cleaning power of tap water, reduce or eliminate chemical detergents, and can be used in dishwashing, laundry and bathing.
02 Mineral hydrogen production technology
It continuously produces hydrogen by reacting with water, breaking through the water source, water temperature and other conditions, and is used in cups, water purification, bathing, beauty and other industries.
03 Multi-element alloy antibacterial technology
Silver-copper-zinc multi-component antibacterial, nano-pores improve the antibacterial efficiency, nano-coating technology inhibits oxidation and discoloration, and has a longer service life.
04 Thermal water technology
It is made of quasi-Japanese hot spring rock and mineral ingredients, which softens the tap water and enriches the water with minerals and trace elements.
05 Rice crystal porcelain moxibustion technique
Create a modern new type of thermotherapy, the core material acting on the human body can effectively remove dampness and cold, dredge the meridians, and regulate sub-health.
06 Graphene salt porcelain capsule technology
It overcomes the defects of traditional sea salt, such as easy deliquescent and salt-alkali formation, and can be used in hot compress products to improve product effects and user experience.
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