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Muqi mission
  Make the environment more beneficial to health
Muqi Vision
  Become a unicorn in the functional ceramic material industry
Knowing and acting altruistic
  Knowing and acting altruistic
Muqi philosophy
  The cave is clear, be a man, and the people's experience
Muqi Slogan
  Chao Chao Mu Qi, create brilliant

For many years, Muqi Technology has taken "knowledge and do altruism" as its value, and under the mission of "making the environment more beneficial to health", it has been constantly striving to improve itself and move forward.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, Mr. Wang Jiasheng, the founder of Muqi Technology, combined the "knowledge and action" advocated by Wang Yangming with the "altruistic thinking" of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism, and then set it as the company's values. For more than ten years, driven by this important value, Muqi Technology has empowered hundreds of customers externally, helped enterprises and employees grow together internally, and promoted the continuous development of the company.

Muqi Technology inherits the Chinese culture of filial piety, and pays filial piety to every employee. Since its establishment, the company has paid more than 1 million yuan in filial wages. At the same time, the company established the Muqi Charity Fund in 2020 to provide timely assistance to employees in difficulties.

In the hearts of Muqi people, "knowing and doing altruism" is not only a way of doing things and thinking, but also the great wisdom of life. The years have changed, and the original aspiration has not changed. Muqi Technology has succeeded because of "knowledge and action", and developed because of "altruism". We will work hard with all employees to become a unicorn in the functional ceramic material industry. Make progress together to create brilliant!

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